We help protect the rights of our guests as they navigate through a complicated legal system.

Urban Justice

The Urban Justice Inc. team, committed to serving New York City’s most vulnerable residents, offer assistance to our clients on many different legal matters. Once weekly, members of Urban Justice, Inc. team serves guests SNAP advocacy. Clients are also guided in locating appropriate channels for assistance for other legal issues. Urban Justice is available every Tuesday from 9:00am to 12:00 noon. For more information please call Mildred Gutierrez at 718-574-0058 x 117

Individualized Case Management

Individualized Case Management is available every Monday at the office of City Council Member Hon. Robert E. Cornegy, Jr.

Make an appointment to discuss:

*SCRIE/DRIE Applications
*NYCHA Applications
*Affordable Housing Lottery
*SNAP Application/Recertification
*Safe Link Wireless

Where: Bedford Stuyvesant Restoration Plaza
1360 Fulton Street, 5th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11216
When: Every Monday
How: By appointment via phone
Contact: Call 718-919-0740 to schedule an appointment with Karen Peña

Immigration Assistance

St. John’s School of Law in collaboration with Catholic Migration provides assistance with immigration issues every Friday. Clients with immigration-related matters can meet with a team of law students and their attorney supervisor, by appointment only.

Where: St. John's Bread & Life, 795 Lexington Ave., 2nd Floor
When: Every Friday, 9:00am - 4:00pm
How: By appointment, via phone or email
Contact: Mildred Gutierrez at 718-574-0058, ext. 117, or mgutierrez@breadandlife.org.

Areas that are helped include, but are not limited to:
N-400 Naturalization Application
I-130 Petition For Relative
I-485 Adjustment Application (Green Card)
N-565 Copy of Certificate of NATZ
I-90 Replacement of Green Card
I-765 Work Authorization
G-639 Freedom of Information Act
I-918 Petition for U Nonimmigrant Status

Servicios de Inmigracion

Dónde: St. John’s Bread & Life
Cuándo: Todos los viernes, de 9:00am a 4:00pm
Direccion: 795 Lexington Ave. 2nd Piso
Contacto: Mildred Gutierrez, 718-574-0058 ext. 117
Solicita una Cita por teléfono o por correo electronico: 718-574-0058 ext. 117/mgutierrez@breadandlife.org

Estas son algunas de las áreas dónde podemos ayudar, pero no se limitan a:
N-400 Solicitud de Naturalización
I-130 Petición por Pariente
I-485 Solicitud de Ajuste (Tarjeta Verde)
N-565 Copia del Certificado de NATZ
I-90 Reemplazo de la Tarjeta Verde
I-765 Autorizacion de Trabajo
G-639 Ley de Libertad de información
Consulta General de Inmigración