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St. John’s Bread and Life On Lenten Mission to Fund 40,000 Meals


St. John’s Bread and Life On Lenten Mission to Fund 40,000 Meals

by Katie Vasquez

This box contains a full meal, complete with a hamburger, corn on the cob and fries.

It’s just one of the 1,500 hot meals that St. John’s bread and life provides four days a week to guests like Dawn Brabham.

“This place is extremely valuable. I really depend on this place,” said Brabham.

But this lent, that non-profit’s kitchen is on a mission, to provide even more of those life-saving meals to people in need.

That’s why during these forty days of preparation, they are trying to raise 40,000 dollars.

“The corporal works of mercy are very important during our Lenten experience and it’s, I think people feel the need to be able to do something concrete for their brothers and sisters,” said Sister Marie Sorenson, the associate executive director at St. John’s Bread and Life.

Already with more than half of lent over, they have reached more than half of their goal.

The kitchen’s collected 30 thousand dollars, thanks in part to generous donors, like longtime volunteer Juliet Thornhill.

“This month is a very serious month. we have to reflect on ourselves for us to deal with others and assist others, because this is a time and a season that we have to realize that everything have to be put aside and not about us, but the ones that we will take care of and what we will do to help others,” said Thornhill.

Every little bit helps to feed the wider community.

“The average donation that we receive is approximately $40, and that feeds a family of three for a week. right. so that’s significant. That means a lot to people,” said Sister Sorenson.

Making sure that guests like Dawn don’t go hungry.

“I think it’s great. They deserve it. they deserve it. I love it here,” said Brabham.

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