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Digital Choice Food Pantry Reopens

Digital Choice Food PantryOn Monday, July 3rd, our community witnessed the incredible power of technology and compassion coming together again. The reopening of our Digital Choice Food Pantry exceeded all expectations, leaving us inspired and grateful for the positive impact we’ve made.

With a few clicks and the swipe of a finger, individuals and families experienced a new level of dignity of choice in accessing nourishment. Our state-of-the-art digital platform revolutionized the way we serve our community, ensuring ease and convenience for everyone involved.

This remarkable system not only eliminates long lines and wait times but also minimizes food waste and enhances resource allocation. By adopting a technology-driven approach, we optimized our operations, allowing us to efficiently serve over 17,600 meals on DAY ONE alone while reducing our environmental footprint.


Digital Choice Food Pantry KiosksAs we celebrate this reopening, we remain committed to expanding our reach and creating a future where food insecurity becomes a thing of the past. Together, we are building a stronger, more resilient community — one nourishing choice at a time.

Click here to view footage from that day!

Our groundbreaking Digital Food Choice Pantry (DCFP) distributes uncooked meals to those who need food using a point system based on family size. Shopping is done on a bilingual touch screen computer. Each item chosen subtracts points from your account and groceries are packed to order. Points are automatically replenished every 30 days. Fresh produce, often grown in New York State, is also available daily through the pantry as well as fresh local milk.

Current Hours

See below our current digital choice food pantry hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8am to 2pm 8am to 2pm 8am to 2pm 8am to 2pm Closed

Register For Pantry

Digital Choice Food PantryTo register, visit St. John’s Bread & Life Monday through Thursday at 795 Lexington Avenue in Brooklyn from 8:00am – 2:00pm. Bring at least one proof of ID and one proof of address. See below for examples.

Examples of Photo ID

  • Driver License/Non-Driver ID
  • Passport Green Card/Work Permit
  • Employee/Student ID

Examples of Proof of Address

  • Gas, Electric, Cable, Telephone, or Medical Bill
  • Shelter or other housing program letter
  • Voter Registration Card
  • Lease/ Rent receipt
  • Social Security letter
  • Tax Return
  • Pay Stub
  • Bank Statement
No proof of income needed. Please bring your shopping cart. For more information on the Food Pantry please contact Bryan Lapoterie at 718-574-0058 x136 or [email protected].
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